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We provide businesses with top-of-the-line payment solutions that are reliable, transparent, and secure. Our custom-tailored services ensure that your payment processing needs will be seamlessly met, no matter what type of business you run. With our cutting-edge technology and customer service expertise, we guarantee a superior experience each time you work with us. Our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from other payment processors – so you can be sure that when you choose Fox, you’re making the best decision for your business.

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Get unlimited access to every payment solution you need to process transactions anywhere you go.


Easily accept payments from in-person checkouts or on the go.


Seamlessly integrate Fox Processing into your online store or build a new store from scratch.

Keyed and Over the Phone

Accept keyed payments quickly with our virtual terminal and online invoicing.

Bank Transfers

Transfer your earnings to your bank account securely.

We Give You the Tools You Need To Grow

Get full access to a suite of payment tools to help you manage your business — free with your Fox Processing account.

Superior Customer Service

Connect with a real person to help you resolve obstacles.

Online Checkout

Make online payments easy and intuitive for your customers.


Document your payments easily with our invoicing services.

Point of Sale

No need to integrate Fox with third-party hardware or systems — we provide you with an all-in-one point-of-sale system.

QR Codes

Make digital payments easier than ever before with user-friendly QR codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A payment processor is a company that facilitates financial transactions between merchants and customers. It acts as an intermediary, securely collecting, processing, and transferring payments from buyers to sellers, while also ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Payment processors typically use secure online forms to collect customer information necessary for the transaction, such as name and address, bank account or credit card numbers, and amount of purchase. They then process this information through their secure networks in order to authenticate the transaction and complete the payment.

Using a payment processor offers many advantages for businesses including improved security for customer data, lower transaction costs (compared to traditional payment methods) as well as faster processing times for customers. Additionally, using a payment processor helps ensure regulatory compliance with current credit card industry standards such as PCI-DSS (payment card industry data security standard).

To choose a payment processor you should consider their fees, security measures, customer service options, ease of integration into your existing systems and processes, compatibility with your business model(s), and any data storage options they provide.

Setting up a payment processor involves creating an account, integrating the service into your platform, ensuring compliance with regulations, and testing transactions. For Fox, start your setup by filling out our online application here and we’ll guide you through the remaining steps.

Fox Processing is for any business owner who wants to make their payment system faster, more efficient, and more affordable.

From brick-and-mortar merchants to e-commerce stores, Fox Processing makes it easy for merchants to get paid securely and easily, with the lowest fees on the market.

The fees associated with using a payment processor depend on the type of service provided and the size of the business’s transactions. Fox offers tailored solutions that are customized to meet the needs of each individual business, so the exact costs will vary based on their specific needs.

Yes, credit card processing is extremely safe. Fox offers secure payment solutions and services with encryption technology and fraud prevention protocols that protect businesses from potential risks. We consistently monitor all transactions to ensure the highest level of security, so you can rest assured that your customer’s payment information is always kept safe during the processing process.

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